Community Management, Liberty Mutual

Role: Sr. Specialist/Associate Program Manager

Company: Liberty Mutual

Goal: Provide real-time responses to daily brand content and live sponsored events to increase community growth, engagement and positive sentiment in reactive space. Proactively identify real-time conversation opportunities in larger social media space to increase earned reach of brand message and business leads.

Strategy: Tasked with managing the company’s corporate channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Safeco Facebook, Safeco Twitter), community managers saw the opportunities to more rapidly and creatively reply to social media users reacting to our brand. By analyzing spend on public social media content, type of creative and time of day posted, we staffed our team to reply rapidly (under an hour) to those commenting on our channels. Community managers crafted witty replies and visual responses to increase engagement and sentiment of the community. In addition to providing moderation daily, community managers provided staffing during televised sponsored events (including the Sochi Winter Olympic games) to garner further interest in the brand. Using social listening tools, the team also capitalized on real-time social media trends proactively, monitoring the larger social space so Liberty Mutual could join real-time social media conversation. Community managers also engaged with social media users who weren’t yet in Liberty Mutual social media communities, analyzing those users’ follower counts and interests to reach new prospective customers.

Execution Role:
  • Community management (channel moderation, copywriting, posting)
  • Owner of best practices and training documentation
  • Liaison with PR, legal and creative
  • Generated analytics and insights reports
  • Management of social media moderation and listening tool

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