An Entrepreneur’s Take On Failure

When we saw these amazing #Maine photos with Cousin @sabinlomac all in knots we thought: “wow, what a great metaphor for a day-in-the-life, #hustling as an #entrepreneur.”

When we chatted with Sabin this morning, we were shocked to hear that his way of navigating business is by embracing FAILURE. Sound crazy? To some, maybe, but not to us. Sabin manages to find himself out of bad situations one kink and knot at a time. Watch for some #TuesdayThoughts from #cousinsmainelobster’s very own problems Houdini.

#lobster #lobstertrap #sharktank#WednesdayWisdom @sharktankabc@barbaracorcoran

Originally appeared on Cousins Maine Lobster Instagram, Nov. 13, 2018. Photos by Heidi Kirn. Edited and Produced by Aubry Bracco

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