SURVIVOR: Game Changers

SURVIVOR: Game Changers premiered March 8, 2017 and concluded May 24, 2017 on CBS. I placed fifth out of 20 contestants. Episodes from the season can be found on CBS All Access.

Preseason Press

Parade: How Aubry Bracco Reached Her Moment of Zen

Entertainment Weekly: Aubry from Survivor: Game Changers on Getting over Her Stunning Loss

Xfinity: ‘Survivor Aubry:’ “I’m Not Going to Change Who I Am. I’m Proud of the Game I Played.”

ET Canada: Aubry is Flattered to be Back

Postseason Press

Entertainment Weekly: Survivor: Aubry reveals her endgame

Parade: Survivor Game Changers: Aubry Bracco Analyzes The New Final Tribal Format 

Rob Has a Podcast: Aubry Bracco: The Post-Season(s) Interview



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